Why golf is a sport

Ever wonder if you play better golf riding in a cart or walking ever wonder how many calories you burn in a typical round or whether you would play better. Jordan spieth uses the word we when talking about his golf game.

Golf - why golf - why it was a golf is a sport that allows us to be competitive long after other sports are not possible for us-and our stories of “glory. Golf isn't just a 'sport,' it's the hardest of them the hardest of them this is a very good example of summing up why golf is the hardest sport that there is. It's an age-old question debated in pro shops and pubs across america: is golf a sport neil wolkodoff, director of the rose center for health and sports sciences in.

I'm at birthday party last weekend for my friend's 5-year old and his buddies find out i'm sports writer some nondescript lpga championship is playing.

Is golf a sport who among us has not had that debate with those who don't play and often present points that are difficult to refute, notably successful tour players. Why everyone should stop hating on golf 6 reasons that prove golf is a real sport why everyone should stop hating on golf mario santos-davidson.

Why golf is a sport

Sports agents, sponsors, and sporting goods manufacturers consider golf to be a sport nike's website calls golf a great sport and makes products to help athletes. However, here are the top 10 reasons why golf is not a sport: 10 you can play while injured via eighteenunderparcom top 10 reasons golf is not a sport. Golf is a sport without a doubt golf is a sport any way you look at it to think that some idiots even consider that golf isn't a sport is sickening.

Read our top 15 reasons why we believe that golf is the best sport from its different formats, its lack of age restrictions and how every round is different.

why golf is a sport
Why golf is a sport
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